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Collimare, LLC

With more than 30 years of experience Collimare® has been designing state of the art, yet “simple” collimator designs used throughout the world by leading diagnostic imaging manufacturers.

Collimator Features Include:

  • Highly Visible LED Light Source with Adjustable Brightness

  • Cross-Hair Lasers (Class 1 Lasers)

  • Multi-Function 'SMART' LED/Laser Control

  • Programmable On-Time of up to 12 Minutes

  • Advanced LED Thermal Control - LED Can Run Continuously 

  • External Light and Laser Adjustments

  • Immediate Factory Customer Support


Collimare® has spent the last 10 years applying over 30 years of design experience and innovation to create a new low cost, light weight, high performance line of collimators.

A simple yet rugged design with features that allows it to encompass all of your manual collimator needs from non-certified veterinarian units, portables, mobiles, to high throughput clinical applications.

Direct coupled turn knobs, flat blade shutters, large passive LED cooling heatsink, thermal cutout safety switch, optical grade acrylic output window, two Class I Lasers for crosshair alignment, quick full cover removal, external light field and laser adjustments, to name just a few of the advanced design features.

  • CML-150-0001-C          Manual 150 kVp Certified Collimator​

  • CML-150-0001-C-H2     Heavy Manual 150 kVp Certified Collimator​

  • CML-125-0001-C          Manual 125 kVp Certified Collimator​

  • CML-VET-0001-C          Manual Non-Certified VET Collimator

  • CPL-125-0001-C           Portable 125 kVp Certified Collimator​​​

  • CPL-VET-0001-C           Portable Non-Certified VET Collimator

Collimare® \ˈ kä-lə- ˈ mār \

Latin collimatus, past participle of collimare, manuscript variant of collineare to make straight, from com- + linea line

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